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Donate To A Fund

  Donate #ivegotyourback911 Fund
#ivegotyourback911 Fund - in conjuction with Ilderton Lions Club campaign for Service Dog and #ivegotyourback911 Golf Tournament
Donate Great-EST Needs Fund
Address some of the local area's most pressing issues, greatest needs or a charitable direction that will start the community down this road.
Donate ESCF Operations Stability Fund
Ongoing support of operations and administrative support of programs
Donate Dutton Dunwich - West Elgin Community Fund
Established to attract donations and support charitable causes in Dutton Dunwich - West Elgin area.
Donate Southwold Community Fund
Established to attract donations and support charitable causes in the Township of Southwold.
Donor Advised
Donate Bud and Melba Marr Fund
Support regional and local charities with a focus on healthcare, community and youth
Donate Colchester Fund
An anonymous family fund supporting local and regional charities
Donate Every Kid Rox Fund
Supporting children and youth with a dual diagnosis (a combination of a developmental disability with a mental health problem), and respite for their caregivers.
Donate #ivegotyourback911 Fund
Support charities focused on first responders mental health.
Donate Jaden Ella Wood Memorial Fund
A family fund to celebrate Jaden’s life with a student scholarship, and/or a grant to support sick children in Elgin/Middlesex.
Donate Janet and Marion Morgan Environmental Fund
Support environmental, animal welfare and wildlife protection agencies
Donate Jean and Fred Biehl Fund
Established by Jean and Nancy Biehl to support environmental and animal welfare protection agencies.
Donate Jim O'Grady Legacy Fund
Established in memory of Jim O’Grady and his love of sports to support registration and equipment for children who would otherwise not be able to participate in sporting activities due to lack of funds.
Donate Joanne Brooks Community Fund
A family fund in memory of former mayor Joanne Brooks, this fund supports automotive scholarships, local charities and projects that reflect her concern for others, and passion for community values
Donate June Evangeline Anne Horton Fund
Established in memory of June Horton (nee Ernest), a War Bride with wide-ranging interests in reading, gardening, nature, animals and ballet, the Fund will grant in the areas of animal welfare, kidney disease and ballet and possibly other charities.
Donate Junior Jumbo Poverty Initiative Fund
To support the charitable activities/organizations which are specifically related to poverty initiatives and youth.
Donate Karn Family Fund
To support charitable causes by issuing grants, scholarships and bursaries as recommended by Advisors.
Donate Kiwanis Club of St. Thomas Endowment Fund
Support leadership in promoting healthy living and active lifestyles for children.
Donate Kohler Family Community Fund
A family fund which supports local charities and projects that reflect family values, and provide scholarships for post secondary education.
Donate Marg and Harold Carroll Fund
Support local and regional charities and projects
Donate McGregor Morris Fund
A family fund dedicated to supporting Art in public places
  Donate Nancy, Jim and David Douglas Fund
A family fund established to support specific charities, including The Salvation Army, Pickering College, St. Thomas Christmas Care, St. Thomas Public Library (audio books), St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Foundation (children’s needs) and the Children’s Hospital.
Donate Parks and Recreation/Pinafore Endowment Fund
Committed to maintaining the St. Thomas Parks and Recreation heritage for generations and will contribute to capital projects and improvements to our Parks, Recreation or Trails infrastructure.
Donate Sweetgrass Fund
A family fund established by Bob McCaig and Janet Taylor to support local charities and projects that help to build community.
Donate Thomas C. Fox Fund
A family fund established by Tom Fox with proceeds to Elgin County charities.
Donate Turnberry Fund
A family fund established by Sine and William Herold in support of local and regional charities
  Donate Windon Fund
A fund established to improve and enhance the appeal, vibrancy and cultural life of the City of St. Thomas, with particular attention to arts and culture or education, and the natural environment, with consideration given to similar projects in Elgin County.
Donate Lid Up 4 Branden Fund
In memory of Branden Pettit of St. Thomas, who died tragically as the result of a skateboarding accident at the age of 15, this Fund is dedicated to helmet safety in sports and recreation.
  Donate Doug Tarry Limited Community Fund
To support charitable purposes and activities of the Foundation, in particular to support the greatest needs of the local community, guided by research data and granting priorities established by the Great-EST Needs Fund.
Donor Designated
  Donate Carole Watson Fund
This fund is established to support programs and services of Violence Against Women Services Elgin County
  Donate Elgin Children's Foundation Fund
Established by the charitable organization as a permanent fund to ensure an ongoing source of support for their programs and operations
  Donate Family YMCA of St. Thomas - Elgin Endowment Fund
Established by a charitable organization as a permanent fund to ensure an ongoing source of support for their programs and operations
  Donate Help the Homeless
Help the Homeless
  Donate Mable Blakley and Harold O'Connor Family Fund
Support charitable activities/organizations whose activities are within objects of the Foundation, especially greatest needs of Elgin-St. Thomas area
Donate Norma I. McMillan Fund
Established in 2020 by the nephews and nieces of Norma to continue her century-long legacy of community volunteering and donating to her local communities. Purpose to annually grant to the greatest needs of Dutton Dunwich and West Elgin
Donate Pearce Williams United Church Christian Centre Endowment Fund
Established by a charitable organization as a permanent fund to ensure an ongoing source of support for their programs and operations
Donate YWCA of St. Thomas-Elgin Fund
Established by a charitable organization as a permanent fund to support the ongoing delivery of programs and services for children, youth and adults with a focus on housing stability, homelessness prevention, life stabilization, settlement services, education and skill development, food security, childcare, aquatics and poverty interventions.
  Donate Elgin County Railway Museum Managed Fund
Established to support restoration plan for the museum
  Donate Howard and Alice Williams Fund
Guided by direction provided in their estate, this fund has a focus on specific charities under a general Education theme.
Donate St. Thomas Elevated Park Fund
Help St. Thomas Elevated Park continue to grow. NOTE: Anonymous donations will be shared with the Elevated Park but not recognized publicly.
Donate Project Tiny Hope Fund
To support the property development and construction of new affordable housing as a collaborative project between YWCA St. Thomas-Elgin, Doug Tarry Homes and Sanctuary Homes along with the ongoing operations, maintenance and program delivery for housing and life stabilization in the downtown core.
Scholarship Funds
Donate Active Living Scholarship Fund
Established by the OhiOntario International Friendship Games Association to support post secondary education in the area of physical activity.
Donate Costello Music & Storytelling Scholarship Fund
Established by Mickey and Gerry Costello, this Fund celebrates talented music and storytelling performers from Elgin County through scholarship awards.
Donate Dennis Redman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Support post secondary education in firefighting and emergency services
Donate Elgin CFDC-Helen LeFrank Scholarship Fund
Provides an annual scholarship to recognize youth interested in a career in business and/or entrepreneurial disciplines.
  Donate St. Thomas-Elgin Tourist Association Scholarship Fund
Awards annual scholarships for post secondary school education in a travel and tourism related area of study.
FlowThrough Funds
Donate Fingal Heritage Park Fund
Fund operations and maintenance for the Fingal Heritage Park
Donate Frances Tarry COVID-19 Relief Fund
The “Frances Tarry Covid-19 Relief Fund” has been created to help the most vulnerable people in our community in this trying time. Donations are in memory of Frances Eva Tarry (née Gregory) of St. Thomas who passed away peacefully on Monday, March 23rd, 2020, at the age of 96.
Other Funds